set design


For the Saiten magazine, Ramona Gschwend and I had the pleasure to shoot a photo series under the title In the lockdown hole.


We created a black and white series of people walking or being alone in the streets. 


The isolation creates a lot of time for us to spend on our own. We are confronted with ourselves, which can be hard, but has - seen from the outside perspective - a very strong effect in pictures. As specially when showing them in form of a collection next to each other.




While I do take pictures, I maybe love to organize shootings even a bit more. I know how to create visual worlds fitting a given topic, including the organization of outfits, looks and locations. Furthermore, I do have contacts to great hair and make-up artists.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-19 um 13.01.37.png

Starting with the concept, over collecting materials and models up to the final post production: I organized and realized a shooting on the topic of plastic surgery within two weeks.



We live in a world pumped full of beauty ideals. Even though cosmetic surgery is becoming more commonplace, it is expensive and still a major intervention on one's own body.


Why don't we just go to the super market and get all necessary tools to make our hair longer, our face skinnier and our thigh-gap wider? Maybe a bit painful, but cheap and very practical! With a highly ironic sub-note, the series is meant to inspire questioning: How far do we want to go to meet the prevailing standards? And what is beauty really?



Between human and mechanics: hard metallic parts shape the soft skin of the model. Beige lips, dark hairlines and the overexposed staging support an overall clinically-unnatural look.